Fishing etiquette guidelines

New Zealand's unique fishing waters are available to be enjoyed by everyone, but not always in the same pool at the same time . In order preserve the best angling experience here are some basic guidelines:

NEVER EVER push in front or discreetly ‘drop in’ or 'jump' upstream of another angler. In New Zealand, this is the ultimate sin and in all cases, needs to be avoided.

If you meet any other anglers, communicate with them of their fishing plans and adapt yours to suit.

It is possible to overstay your welcome by repeatedly fishing the same stretch of water or overstaying in New Zealand's DOC accommodations. Not only does this severely effect the fishery but it can upset the local angling community.

Seriously consider using barbless hooks if are practicing catch and release. If you are spin fishing, consider replacing the treble hooks for a single hook. Any fish needs it's mouth in good order to survive. Treble hooks have greater potential to kill.

Unless you are alone, move upstream or downstream every few casts to allow space for the other anglers.

Before crossing private property, always ask the landowner for permission and show appreciation. If you open a gate, always close it behind you (on any property).

Always respect the environment, wildlife and other members of the public. Take away any trash you may find.

Treat others as you would wish to be treated yourself, manners and courtesy are free.


Trout Fishing Etiquette in New Zealand