"I wish there was a bloody Trout App for New Zealand"

Owner and developer of NZ Trout App ltd was born from the thirst for adventure by Jeff Gorringe. Raised on a grain farm opposite the only pub for miles, in the outskirts of the small town of Katikati. He unwittingly discovered the curiosity and lust for fly fishing before the age of 10, fly fishing literature and the outdoors was the educator’s long before the age of the internet and smartphones.

With a few more decades of growth, a natural deviation to the ocean provided a healthy balance and many adrenaline thrills, but the love for Fly Fishing maintained a firm backbone. With the inevitable maturity and the reality of life and family creating a healthy distraction, he found the time restrictions were getting frustratingly tighter for recreation. The old NZ fishing books were lost in time and the lips of anglers often were sealed shut, only ever to be loosened with a few drinks of ‘you know what’ from the 'top shelf'.

Entering the crazy modern age of smartphones and laptops, the original NZ information was still available but buried deep on grizzled platforms or second-hand book shops not always suitable for fly fishing or modern technology. The thirst for adventure and the issue of carrying multiple maps and books in the pocket being opposite of convenient. NZ Trout App was born from "I wish there were a better outlet for information for today... I wish there were a bloody New Zealand Trout App".

Countless phone calls and emails were made along with selling his biggest asset (His property) to fund the project. Passionate and motivated, Jeff was holding down 3 jobs and in the depths of raising a young family. Since June 2016 the platform was worked on well into the vampire hours most nights. In late December 2017 nztroutapp.com went live to the public and immediately got some exposure by Stuff media. Almost instantly a gap in the market was found with a frothing audience wanting more.

Having the vision to build something new for New Zealand was a daunting project, but being a passionate fly fishing angler with a understanding of how it should run and be operated was highly valued.
Soon after committing to dive in deep into the project, the reality of what was required was bigger than just providing angler fly fishing access points without discretion to the World Wide Web.

The topics of pressure on fisheries and sustainability of fish populations were hot discussion points that needed to be addressed along with the whispers of areas under discussion. The project had to stay fluid and adapt with integrity intact. Where to draw the line on ‘secret spots’ was a concern and a fine line to walk. With respect to local anglers in each region, certain spots, access points or even entire river systems have been purposefully left out. Just the seed of exploration was planted for those anglers willing to venture further or ‘supply whiskey for the old boy’ and the staunch decisions of only supporting NZ fishing guides, remaining 100% dedicated to Fly Fishing and with the awareness of anglers 'killing the goose that lays the golden egg' the aspiration to help spread angler pressure amongst all NZ waters was a priority.

The amount of and information content collected was massive. The original plan of a true phone application was put aside due to concerns of overloading and crashing early model smartphones, so a Web-App was built. That way, the Play Stores do not manipulate the availability or most importantly, limit the functions of the NZ Trout App for the user and still remains truly independent to this day.

Now the NZ Trout App journey is just beginning. With the latest speed bump of Covid19 and the drastic change in industries, there have been some very real challenges. Fly tying on a personal level grew as did writing a few articles for NZ Outdoor Magazine. But there has never been a better time to take steps to support NZ small businesses, tackle shops, local professional fishing guides, NZ fly tiers, and explore the areas of NZ you always wondered about.

What are you waiting for?

nztroutapp.com is #accessinganglers

The Hard Wire: Behind NZ Trout App