The Fishery is the Most Important Element

The Trout fishery of New Zealand is an absolute fragile, finite resource and is under ever increasing angling pressures. The fishing waters are often of an independent system (not supported by a large lake) and to kill a healthy adult fish can leave a void that may take years to replace. It has been said that in the wild only one in every two thousand eggs grow to be a breeding adult. New Zealand Trout App strongly supports ‘Catch and release particularly in remote headwaters of rivers and smaller streams. It is highly likely that the fish you catch, only exists due the angler before you doing their part. By resting water after fishing (for weeks ideally), not repeatedly fishing the same section of water and practicing catch and release are excellent steps towards better sustainability and improved fishing experiences.


Click HERE for a film clip showing releasing trout to maximise survival

Sustainable Fishing in New Zealand

Always CHECK, CLEAN, DRY your boat, boots, waders and line between ANY water!

Didymo (Didymosphenia geminata) or 'Rock Snot' is a nasty invasive freshwater algae which decimates the ecology(trout food) and is present in some South Island rivers in New Zealand. It is spread by anglers failing to clean their gear.

Stop the spread today.

You can read about the latest Didymo information by visiting the Didymo page on the New Zealand Biosecurity website.