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The New Zealand Trout App is the modern guide for trout fly fishing in New Zealand. Its information regarding access points is public knowledge provided by Fish and Game, DOC, and other resources. Respect private land and always ask for permission to access it. NZ Trout App holds no responsibility for the current condition of physical access or the current fishing quality. NZ Trout App recommends anglers take every step to protect their belongings, themselves, and others in safety and logistics. An angler’s personal safety is their own responsibility and not NZ Trout App's. If hiring any NZ Fishing Guide, NZ Trout App advises to always check their safety plan for any emergency. Treat New Zealand's outdoors and waterways with absolute caution as they can be extremely unforgiving.

It is NOT recommended to use NZ Trout App as a navigation tool.

The New Zealand Weather.

The team at NZ Trout App uses a bunch of different weather information resources, but a couple of the most reliable and easier platforms to navigate are as follows MetVuw an old-fashioned map platform that can show a variety of options for the user to use. It has an excellent long-range forecasting page, we prefer to use it's South Pacific option for long-range. is a live wind map that displays live wind in localized areas. It is awesome for viewing local wind directions in smaller regions.

Limit your catch, not catch your limit.

While there are legal bag limits set by Fish and Game and DOC, NZ Trout App strongly encourages catch and release. Fish for tomorrow and the next generation of anglers. Always check the current fishing regulations with F&G or DOC as they often change year to year.

Explore for yourself

The provided access points and local knowledge are simply stepping stones for an angler to start from. NZ Trout App has no intention to expose ‘secret spots' or techniques. For the ultimate experience, hire a pro guide or do what every generation before them has done: Explore and try new techniques for themselves. If you do ever find a ‘secret spot’… keep it to yourself. Exploration is one of the best gifts we have in Aotearoa.

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