Tauranga and the Wairoa River system

Tauranga and the Wairoa River system

The Wairoa River in the Tauranga region is an underated brown trout fishery on the city's door step. Draining the Kaimai and Mamaku ranges there are plenty of options if an angler knows where to look.

Local Knowledge

The Wairoa River system has a mix of angling options from peaceful lakeside wet lining to backcountry sight fishing to rod breaking brown crocodiles in tiny spring creeks. In the waters that are of wild fish, catch and release is recommended for the future generations.

Find the current upper Wairoa river flows HERE

Fishing tips by Miles Rushmer

Winter / July

  • If it's a larger brown you're after, try fishing the Lake McLaren creek mouths after dark. Use a floating line or slow sink-tip and a lumo black marabou and a slow retrieve. The dominant fish feed best during vampire hours!

  • For best results, the egg patterns MUST be fished on the bottom with plenty of weight.

  • If needed, use lead split shot to get a single fly down deep and keep it deep, without the risk of an extra hook (heavy nymph) snagging the bottom.

  • The lower Tauranga rivers and the nearby South Waikato systems and are all in prime nick, and will fish well to above tactics until they close on June 30th. Then what...?  see below

  • Lake McLaren and Ruahihi Canal are a great little all year fisheries. Being hydro the water is always moving through it so it doesn't get too warm or cold. The fish will feed on the edges all year as a result. Camo up for careful early morning stalking for increased success. Pick sunny days with no clouds for better visibility and use polaroid glasses. You'll see more fish, before they see you! Mayfly and dragonfly patterns work well here, as well as small child imitations.

  • Rather than blind casting, dead slow, shoreline stalking is available for browns all day long, every day of the year. Great for honing the summer stalking skills through winter

  • The nearby Waihou River is only a short drive away in the South Waikato. Is a great system that fishes particularly well to European Nymphing tactics. Grab yourself a 10 foot 3 weight and give it a bash! It's a lot of fun, deadly on trout and a welcome change from standard winter nymphing.

  • I use a Loop Opti Peak 11 foot, three weight and find it near perfect for Euro nymphing

    Find your local dealer here:http://www.loopflyfishing.co.n...

  • If you've ever wanted to target a trophy Brown and Trophy rainbow in the same day then check out this link... https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=1485581008132614&id=140991379258257

  • If looking to hire a guide for a day, it pays to invest in quality and experience.  Follow recommendations from other successful anglers and don't forget that you'll learn more in one day with a quality professional guide on the water than you will in endless days on your own... Ask your potential guide this simple question during enquiry..."Are you a full-time professional?

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