Ruakituri River

Ruakituri River

This is a world renowned trophy fish water. Over 50 km of river fly fishing is available. Draining from remote back country in Te Urewera National Park, to the impressive Te Reinga falls. On the right day there is opportunities for all fly fishing techniques to hook a beast of a lifetime.

Local Knowledge

This medium sized river and it's tributaries can be an anglers ultimate experience and also a place of crushed dreams. With accessible water over a long distance and holding fish of significant size. A skilled angler can have multiple opportunities at large fish while at the same time be humiliated by the same fish simply drifting away or if one is lucky, have their gear tested by the sheer power as a hooked fish dives deep with exceptional power and force.  This is a true wild fishery and should be treated as one. Catch and release is strongly encouraged with every fish no matter what size.

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Note: Early 2017 the area was devastated by major flooding, please remember this is a wild fishery and to practice catch and release to prioritise the sustainability of the fishery.  

Fishing tips by Cory Scott

Winter / July

  • There are limited angler access points on the Ruakituri, and while the road follows the river most of the way many of these properties are private, please seek permission from land owners at nearby farm houses before crossing their land.

  • If you see another car or angler, give them at least a day’s fishing, there is a lot of other water available with roadside access if an angler drives an extra 5 minutes. Fish up from your point of entry, not walk down on top of another angler and fish back up. It can also pay to communicate with any angler you come across as to each parties intentions. 

  • Take time to revive your catch by holding them face forward in moving oxygenated water, do not release into slow deep pools, they will more than likely swim off only to turn upside down out of your reach.

  • This an isolated area of NZ, take personal safety precautions, carry a GPS and PLB, if doing and overnight or multiple day leave a note on your car of your intentions.

  • For best results utilise a professional guide. Not only will you maximise success, but you will learn the craft straight from the local experts.

Pro Guides

Cory Scott Fly Fishing

Cory Scott

Eastern Region Eastern Region
Cory grew up fly fishing under the tutelage of his grandfather on the streams of Southland and can recall catching his first trout aged 3, since those early beginnings he has immersed himself in the art of fooling trout on a fly developing into a backcountry addict leaving no stone unturned or no question on what lays beyond the next bend. Cory has been guiding for 18 years which he alternates between his job as a photographer with the two professions developing a symbiotic relationship. Cory has guided everyone from the complete novice to sporting professionals to rock stars and everyone in between, with his professional yet super friendly humorous approach being popular. When it comes to the East Cape/Te Urewera region there is no one that knows this region as intimately as Cory and on any given day he can be found either fishing by the road side or multi days hike back in the mountains that surround his region.


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