Taupo and Turangi systems

The Lake Taupo region and it's feeding tributaries offer New Zealand's Crown Jewels in North Island's trout fishing. Particularly when most other systems are closed for the Winter. The local rivers become a special target with world class fishing available. Large mature fish load up the pools and riffles in jaw dropping numbers sending anglers from all over New Zealand and the world into a zone somewhere between total focus and absolute delirium.

The Taupo fishery is a unique system for New Zealand and requires a separate fishing licence.

A licence is required to fish in the Lake Taupō district. Licences are valid from 1 July to 30 June each year. You can purchase one here beforehand.

The country's largest lake supports and replenishes each river and stream with fish almost on a daily account. Unlike nearly every other water in New Zealand, where to fish within sight of other anglers is uncommon, some days with Turangi require courtesy and etiquette to fish in harmony. If you strike a day where the fish are running, take along extra flies and tackle. Be ready for near bust-offs, and burning runs as lake-fed beasts try and melt your reel. Prepare your gear by visiting the many tackle shops for the best flies and techniques. But what they can't fix are your aching arms from casting and tired jaw from smiling. However, a meal and a few cold drinks afterward at the local Turangi Tavern certainly help ease the aches and pains.

For access points to epic fishing and local knowledge of the area please select a river or lake