Surrounding Mount Taranaki and Egmont National Park and its catchment is over 40 waterways containing fishable water. With systems flowing fast from all angles, there is always plenty to see and do while exploring the options for every angler.

After being voted the 2nd best place to visit in the world by Lonely Planet in 2017. Off the radar is still an accurate description for the Taranaki trout fishing. Target the stocked lakes with the family or explore the maze of streams which are easily accessed and closely located to each other. Catch and release is highly recommend in all of Taranaki's smaller fisheries to help sustain the finite fish populations and quality technical sight fishing that is on offer.

Note: -The immense lower Whanganui river system is still being mapped and will yield more options and further opportunities targeting it's deep and dark tributaries.
View the short clip put together by local photographer Harry Moores

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