Enter into one of New Zealand's crown jewels of fly fishing, the Otago region. Where you can jetboat, helicopter, fine dine, and catch a trophy fish all in one day!

The Otago Region boasts world-renowned brown trout fishing set against breathtaking landscapes. Whether you prefer the meandering coastal rivers weaving through picturesque farmlands or the crystal-clear mountain streams where you can easily spot large, cautious brown trout, this region caters to anglers of elite skill level to the first time anglers wishing to catch their first NZ trout!
While the area is characterized by its holiday towns of Wanaka and Queenstown, it's often the small, tributaries that draw the most dedicated fishing enthusiasts. For many anglers, the ultimate thrill lies in stealthily pursuing and capturing a substantial brown trout. These are the kind of towns where if you want it, you can get it, but you may still need to tell the trout!

For those who prefer the tranquility of a slower pace away from the international flavor of the tourist drawcards, Otago offers a variety of lower-land rivers where fishing can be exceptionally rewarding under the right conditions.

While brown trout is the predominant species in the region, you can also find rainbow trout in certain areas, and some numerous rivers and lakes provide excellent opportunities for targeting both species.

There are rule changes to Fish and Game's Designated Water categories, we will update details soon. In the meantime, you can read about them HERE.