North Canterbury

From huge snow fed rivers and their tributaries to tiny spring creeks. North Canterbury trout fishing offers sight fishing from Christchurch city cafe's and parks to casting to beasts lying in deep blue pools as if Poseidon himself squeezed them from the mountains.

Large snow-fed river systems offer an attraction that warrants a point of note. These local rivers flow over a huge amount of land offering access (and not-so accessible) points that attract the type of angler willing to get a shot at a single fish. However that 'single fish' may be a bigger trout than most anglers have ever seen in their lives! Further towards the Eastern coast and bordering to the South Pacific, is a labyrinth of spring creeks and rivers that are easily tackled within short fishing sessions, offering fish more than large enough to give anglers wobbly knees and shaking hands with the loss of nerves.
Predominantly a brown trout fishery with some rainbows in the mix, one of the big attractions within the region to local anglers are the runs of large Salmon, which in certain months, will certainly cross paths with trout anglers. For those interested in this, it is best to contact a fishing guide, local tackle shop, or an experienced local.
Covering mountain ranges and vast flat plains, the wind can be the major obstacle to predict in any of the upper reaches. Consider a step up in rod and line weight and try polishing your crystal ball.
Be prepared that during the warmer months many of the smaller waterways become very low flows or can even cease to contain water above ground as the water table drops.

The North Canterbury region is included in the new Fish and Game's Designated Water category. Be sure to read and make sure you have the correct information before fishing.

The Canterbury Anglers Club is well organized and holds regular meetings on the 3rd Tuesday of each month. It has running since 1949 and welcomes new members.

Fish and Game North Canterbury have recently changed rules on some waters. To find out more...CLICK HERE and read the details.
Watch this short clip by Pro fishing guide and NZPFGA member Martin Langlands of his local waters from the past season