Nelson/ Marlborough

AKA. #Browntown. Displaying not only some of the highest sunshine hours in New Zealand but some of the most desirable brown trout fishing waters in the world. Take the time to explore the Northern tip of the South Island.

If an angler were to circle a few spots in NZ to be based for a trip, the Nelson and Marlborough region would have a thick overlapping vivid circled around it. With generally clear water fishing and providing alternative activities galore. Multiple unique systems offer different challenges at centerfold quality brown trout. From the almost seaside holiday fisheries to the deeply hidden mountainous waterways, the Nelson/Marlborough region provides more than a lifetime of angling without ever touching a single section twice. While holding some rainbow and salmon, without doubt, the drawcard is sight fishing to the challenging mature New Zealand brown trout. Before heading into the backcountry, be sure to check if your targeted water is included within Fish and Game's Designated Water Licence category.

The local Nelson Trout Fishing Club is proactive in holding regular meetings and hosting speakers. If you want to get more local knowledge: They're well worth contacting.

While there are many well-known waters listed, without doubt, there a many other access points and fishing best left off the internet for those who are willing to do the time to explore.

For a taste of what is on offer, put your feet up for 30mins and enjoy the short film by local Pro Fishing Guide Mike Kirkpatrick of Latitude Guiding