Hawke’s Bay

Hawke’s Bay is a region on the east coast of New Zealand’s North Island. It's major river systems are renowned for their awesome backcountry waters and opportunities to target the large wild trout. Access in the region can be very tricky and isolated, but the brave anglers are often rewarded with more experiences than just fishing stories to take home.

In Early 2023 the Hawkes bay region was hit by significant flooding and erosion. Every surviving fish will be necessary for future fishing. Regular reports of fishing experiences are yet to be confirmed. Local professional guide Gary will no doubt know where the fishing is still quality.

While Hawkes Bay is known for its endless sunshine, world-class wineries, and rich art deco architecture within the cities, there is more to the area than at first glance. On the map, the region may appear smaller than others, but in reality, it is an immense landscape to navigate. Anglers can actively target the braided waters in the lower reaches close to urban living or step into the wild side and explore the many backcountry waters that seldom get fished targeting large mature wild trout in pristine unspoiled environments. It is best to spend more than a few days to truly taste what Hawkes Bay has to offer.