The Auckland Waikato Region offers a wide diversity of freshwater fishing opportunities reasonably close to urban living. With easy access and high scenic values, the many rivers, streams and back country fisheries offer great fishing often with low angling pressure.

For the 'Big Smoke' of Auckland, there are more waters and better trout fly fishing than one may first expect within the Coromandel ranges. Drive a bit further South and find numerous spring-fed trout streams near 'Hobbiton' feeding into Te Waihou system offering a visual spectacle of vast numbers of fish in crystal clear water. The Auckland Waikato region holds many awesome back-country fisheries. Like the world-class upper Whanganui and Whakapapa rivers, the spider web tributaries of the Waipa River and the curious King Country waters that exit into the wild West Coast. All the systems hold some rather large fish in waters to challenge even the most experienced angler. More than enough for keeping a frothing angler wanting to know what's around the next corner.

Auckland has a fantastic proactive Freshwater Anglers Club with a very informative site.
Check it out HERE and go to the next regular local meeting, they welcome visitors and new members.

If you are searching for the Green Dragon Inn of Hobbiton, take a few extra minutes and check the local nearby spring-fed streams with some helpful tips below from Pro Guide: Rob Vaz

For expert fishing tips and local knowledge of the area please select a river or lake