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NEW from Latitude Guiding 2020 *INSIGHT - THE TROPHY QUEST.* The fabled 'Mouse Year' in New Zealand is steeped in folk-law by anglers. "Follow us as we spend 6 days chasing brown trout that will prove as annoyingly hard to catch at times, as they are impressive to look at. To give it a Kiwi term, they're STONKERS!!" A 2hour feature film of chasing the giants of the South Island mouse year, New Zealand.

PURE FLY NZ: Get a glimpse of the outstanding clips of Pure Fly NZ, put together by Gin Clear Media including some of NZ's finest anglers and interesting waters. WARNING...If you watch these trailers, you WILL want to view the entire series in full.

MIKEFISHER: Sample some of the waters and fishing that this top NZ Pro Guide, Mike Kirkpatrick of Latitude Guiding just happens to have in his backyard and over the fence in the upper South Island.

TROUTBOYNZ: A fantastic series put together by the mad professor of fly fishing, Andrew Harding of Wellington, North Island.

TROUTSOUND: Be mesmorized by the sights and the music put togther by master fishing guide, Martin Langlands of Troutlands as he travels searching for trophy trout in and around the Canterbury region, South Island.

CORY SCOTT FLYFISHING: An insight of the from the Pro Guide and MULTIPLE time NZ Fly Fishing Champion. What does Cory Scott have going on in his world of the remote East Cape of the North Island.

CRAZY ABOUT FLY FISHING: Watch Johan Kok, as he shares his journey of being literally crazy about fly fishing with you. Informative and genuine watching.

TRIPPIN ON TROUT: Join professional fly fishing guide Alex of in his obsession with fly fishing in the central North Island, New Zealand. Watch from the driver's seat the encounters of large wild fish in some secret locations while gaining informative insights of flies, techniques and tips from a top sought after North Island guide of Trippin on Trout Fly Fishing.

FISHINGFOREVERFILMS: Hosted by Dylan Booth of the lower South Island. For an angler in his early 20s he has already accomplished more than most ever will in their lifetime. Want to watch a 30lb+ rainbow trout landed? (YES it's TRUE!) Click on this channel and join him on his honest approach and generous information from a young man that wants to help grow the sport and educate the viewer.

DEERTOFISHNZ: Introducing Mitchell Green, an up-and-coming filmmaker, and very competent angler. Watch as he films his adventures from multiple undisclosed North Island waterways. Breathe in your past youth while soaking up the moods, sights, and the fish in an exceptionally well put together series from a modest, humble and likeable young man.

LOOSE LOOPS: Join Chris Beattie, a fly fishing enthusiast in his his fishing adventures in the Central North Island of New Zealand. Enjoy some classic N.I. waters well assembled into film for your pleasure.

BLACK CREEKS OPS: Roll with self-confessed Fly Fishing addict: Colby Colbert, as we join him on his mad hatter adventures chasing large trout in the middle of nowhere. Prepare yourself for some explicit humour and commentary that is hard not to enjoy and wish you knew where he was.

CASTS THAT CATCH FISH: A series of casting tutorials put together by Epic fly rods. If you can find a better tutorial, we want to see it!

THE INTRODUCTION: NEW ZEALAND'S BROWN TROUT STORY: Over one hundred and fifty years since the first ova was hatched out near the Avon River. Join fly fisherman and historian Jack Kós delves into the backcountry and the archives as he explores the introduction of brown trout to New Zealand.

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