New Zealand Fly Tiers and Flies

New Zealand Fly Tiers and Flies

For the best quality and personal touch in your fly box, there is no better place than your local to source your next favorite patterns than right here.... #supportnzflytiers #supportlocal #supportnzbusinesses


Ever had your flies custom tied by a local tier?

Here at we want support fly tying in Aotearoa by connecting all you with NZ tied flies or a premium retail product that is ready to use from the word go.

Are you new to an area? Do you wish to fill your box with something special? Or want to re-create a classic pattern that is no longer available?

All the tiers listed are reputable, tie quality products and are priced beyond reasonable. Connect with your local tier today!

View below a brilliant video of Master Tier Martin Langlands of Troutlands. One of New Zealand's most respected fly tiers showing only a glimpse of what is available.

For an idea where to start with flies in NZ, check out Alex from Trippin on Trout's top Ten flies. From 9min... the flies are on tap.

Fly Tiers and Fly Stockists

New Zealand Fishing Flies

New Zealand Fishing Flies. Where reputation, skill and passion combine to give you locally tied quality flies at affordable prices. Owner and operator Rhys, has over the past 20 years he has supplied 1000's of satisfied customers from around the country and different international visitors to our world class waters via wholesalers, stores and direct to the public.

Category3 Fly Company

Category 3 Fly Company is a small independent fly company based in Taupo New Zealand. Those of you who have been fortunate enough to fish the wilderness rivers of New Zealand will have a good understanding of how technical it can be. Gin clear water with some of the spookiest fish on the planet that require pin point accuracy and the right choice of fly. For the last 15 years we have been lucky enough to spend over 150 days a season guiding anglers from all over the world on the wilderness rivers of New Zealand and over that period of time we have been constantly developing new patterns and tweaking old ones. The selection of patterns that you see in Category 3 is what we use.


Many of Martin's original patterns have featured in trout fly calendars and fishing publications and are renowned by anglers New Zealand and worldwide. The designing and crafting of trout flies is a major focus of Martin’s business and perfectly complements guiding. Ever evolving modern patterns are inspired by the latest variety of materials, with traditional influences. Guiding is the ultimate testing platform.

Champion Flies (NZ)

Champion flies is run by 2021 New Zealand river national champion Ollie Bassett and Jan Wittner Jnr of the Czech youth fly fishing team. Ollie has represented New Zealand in the Youth fly fishing team and is already proclaimed to be the future in NZ competitive Fly Fishing. Together they are selling boxes of the best competition-specific fly patterns and nets and taking custom order. Available now!

Turangi Trout Flies

For quality locally tied flies for the local waters Turangi Trout Flies offers premium prompt services and can cater to any request. Classic patterns and variants to custom orders. Locally fished, tested and proven.

Drys n Dropper

Our Mission: Providing a selection of fly patterns that have proven themselves around the world over decades mixed up with other innovative patterns specially designed for the NZ needs. Our flies are handcrafted in Gisborne and tied on quality products like Ahrex hooks, Frödin tubes, and OPST shanks. It’s also the stuff that we like to fish and what we carry in our own fly boxes.


For custom tied flies that are more than off the shelf fish catching tools. Flies that are hand crafted works of art, tied with care and precision to your requirements. Message Marcel on Facebook for orders with this link or email directly [email protected]