Accessing Anglers and Values

New Zealand Trout App is accessing anglers specifically for fly fishing. With back country angler numbers growing, there needs to be education about sustaining our unique world class fishery. All forms of etiquette require attention and exploration safety procedures need recognition. NZTroutApp also provides direct connections for visiting anglers to use local businesses and New Zealand professional fishing guides. To fish for Trout in New Zealand, you will need to have purchase a licence.

TO PURCHASE A NZ FISHING LICENCE/PERMIT CLICK HERE (For everywhere excluding Taupo region)


To learn more about how NZ Trout App works, be sure to check out the NZ Trout App YouTube Channel Here

About New Zealand Trout App

The fishing access points displayed are to provide options to spread angling pressure, these traditionally are of public knowledge, supplied mostly by Fish and Game, DOC or local clubs. New Zealand Trout App has no interest in exposing secret access points or uncover waters to the world.

For visitors, or a novice, trout fly fishing in New Zealand is hard! Casting is technical and the fish are smart. NZTroutApp helps connect anglers to the support needed for improved success. Hire an experienced local Pro Guide, visit a local tackle shop. But for further water knowledge on a personal level, there is no compromise to simply put in the time fishing, exploring and learning. New Zealand has no shortage of awesome streams, rivers and lakes and by world standards, the trout are big all along the length of the country.

The North Island is dominated by rainbow trout and South Island by brown, but there are and will be always exceptions to the rule.

So, what are you waiting for?