Where to go Trout Fly Fishing in New Zealand?

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Hire your pro guide here, stay at a luxury lodge, learn about local NZ angling etiquette and fishing pressure. Get updated fishing tips and local knowledge. Find local accommodation, tackle shops, where to eat, and much more.


    The team at firmly believes hiring a local Pro Guide is essential in securing the best possible experience.

    The NZ Trout App fishing guides are very experienced New Zealand residents, operate safely and legally. Their job is to give you opportunities that will last in the memories.

    Want to find that piece of water that no one knows about? Have that shot at a fish that makes your knees shake? Secret spots exist and hiring a Pro Guide will help take you there.

    Where to fish… which fly to cast… how to approach water...


    Fly fishing sustainably for the next angler in New Zealand

    ALWAYS CHECK CLEAN DRY Your boots, waders and lines between waterways.

    Help prevent the spread of pests, noxious weeds and other alien rock snot in New Zealand unique waterways.

    The back country fisheries of New Zealand are absolute fragile, finite resources and are under ever increasing angling pressures.
    The waters are often of an independent system (not supported by a large lake) and to kill a healthy adult fish can leave a void that may take years to replace. The old cliche of 'Leaving only footprints' is a fantastic way to explore the waterways.

    New Zealand Trout App strongly supports Catch and release’ particularly in remote headwaters of rivers and smaller streams.

    It is highly likely that the fish you catch is only there due the angler before you doing their part – practice catch and release.